A little About Us and Our History

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Clint Livingston makes his home just a hundred yards from Blue Creek in western Nebraska, where he taught high school history and social studies. Now retired, Clint keeps busy making the rounds to visit grandchildren and operating his hobby-turned-business. He attends shows and rendezvous across the country and has created an old-fashioned trading post at home. In August 2016, he married his wife, Peg who was born and raised in western Massachusetts and made her way across the states to be with family after the loss of her husband. They found a true bond through their losses and a new beginning started for both of them. Peg is busy learning the business and joins Clint at shows and rendezvous. They welcome everyone to stop by and say hello!




In Loving Memory

Hazel (Dykes) Livingston / 1950 – 2015

Loving wife, mother, sister, friend – Hazel’s kind and loving spirit will be ever present in our lives and memory.

“Those we love don’t go away – they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.” (Author Unknown)






Artist and Designer

Susan Christiancy does the sewing, beading, and painting for Blue Creek Traders. With an eye for design and attention to historical details, she turns Clint’s furs and hides into custom-sewn hats, garments, and more.

Doll-making is one of Susan’s many talents. Beginning with raw clay and bits of fabric, she creates intricate museum-quality dolls that oftentimes represent historical figures. Susan studied art at the University of Nebraska.


Tanning Barn Staff

PJ Kiolbasa has been with Clint for many years. His knowledge and muscle power in working with different hides make him an indispensible asset to Blue Creek Traders. He uses Sheffield knives to scrape hides clean in preparation for the next step in the alum-tanning process. This is just one of the many actions he performs to ensure a proper tanning result. His experience with buffalo, deer, elk, and antelope hides are now second nature to him, not to mention the many smaller-sized hides he has touched through the years. PJ is an important component to the success of Blue Creek Traders.





Blue Creek and the Battle of Blue Water

Blue Creek, a tributary of the North Platte River, meanders through Garden County in western Nebraska. It’s a shallow stream with a rich history. In fact, the great Oglala Sioux warrior Chief Red Cloud was born near Blue Creek in 1821.

On September 3, 1855, the U.S. Army, led by Col. William S. Harney, conducted the first military campaign against the Sioux. The maneuver, which avenged the annihilation of Lt. John Grattan’s command near Fort Laramie in 1854, destroyed Chief Little Thunder’s Lakota village on Blue Creek and came to be known as the Battle of Blue Water. (The battle is also called the Harney Massacre and sometimes the Battle of Ash Hollow after the nearby landmark). While the attack succeeded in keeping the Oregon Trail open for emigrants, it merely postponed further wars between the two nations fighting for control of the Great Plains.

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